Coleman Speckled Enamelware
Dining Kit 

Perfect for camping meals


No more paper plates!

Now you can serve up those special camping meals on attractive plates and bowls - silverware and cups are included too.

These enamelware dishes are perfect for camping and picnicking - even at home or in the backyard.



This Coleman speckled dinnerware set includes everything you need to eat a meal in the great outdoors.  The 24 piece enamelware and cutlery set gives you enough for 4 people to eat a main course, a side salad and an after-dinner hot chocolate or coffee.

Benefits and Features

The red-speckled dinnerware surface holds up to heavy use and if you don't bang them around, they will last for years.

They are dishwasher safe if you want to use them at home.

The cutlery includes 4 knives, 4 forks, and 4 spoons and comes with a fabric wrap-around case - no more plastic silverware!

This set has old fashioned, grandma era appeal.

You need to be careful with hot food - the plates and bowls get hot when hot food is placed on them.  The bonus is that your food stays warmer when you are outdoors.

The cups get hot too with hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate.  Be careful not to get burned! 

All in all - you will really enjoy having these dishes!

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Happy Camping!


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