Camp Dutch Oven Cooking

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When you are at camp, Dutch oven cooking is an awesome way to prepare delicious meals. Your food will have a wonderful flavor that only a Dutch oven can give.

Cooking in a Dutch oven works for all types of food -- roasts, chicken, fish, stews, chili, bread, dessert, pizza and much more - you can find many easy dutch oven recipes to make these camping foods.

A great thing about camp Dutch oven cooking is when your food is in the oven and on the fire, your work is done. You can relax at the campfire, play cards, sing songs, read a book, or whatever else you want to do.

Dutch oven camp cooking is the preferred method of cooking for many people when they are camping. Meals made from Dutch oven camping recipes are absolutely incredible. I urge you to try camp Dutch oven cooking if you haven’t done so already - you won’t be disappointed!

How To Choose Camp Dutch Ovens

Are you wondering if aluminum Dutch ovens are better than cast iron Dutch ovens?

Cast iron heats slowly, but evenly. Food also stays warmer in the Dutch oven after removing it from the fire. After seasoning, cast iron Dutch ovens will have a non-stick surface. The only thing against cast iron is that you can’t use soap to clean it and it will rust.

A cast aluminum Dutch oven heats up quickly, is lighter in weight, doesn’t rust and they can be washed with soap. But they don’t heat evenly, they have hot spots, and they can’t go directly on the coals or they will be damaged.

Personally, I think cast iron is the only way to go!

The Best Dutch Ovens for Camping

Don’t skimp when buying a Dutch oven - get the best! Cheap ovens burn, thickness of the cast isn’t uniform, they have weak legs that will break off and bails are not substantial. The best ones don’t cost that much more and they will last for generations with proper care.

Twelve or fourteen inch ovens are the most popular for camp Dutch oven cooking - they can cook delicious meals for 2 or 12.

Flat bottom Dutch ovens are not recommended for camping because if you put them on coals, they would smother them. If you already have a flat bottom one, you could put something that would not burn underneath it to raise it up no more than one inch.

Three legged Dutch ovens are more stable than the ones with four legs. The ones with four legs will tip easier.

You want a tight fitting lid on your Dutch oven so it will seal during cooking. If you see steam coming out between the pan and the lid, it means your fire is probably too hot. Remove a couple of coals or briquettes and see if that stops the steam.

There should also be a lip on the outside of the lid to stop the briquettes or coals from falling off and it also helps to keep ashes out of the food. The lip should have a loop to grasp with a Dutch oven lid lifter - as far as I’m concerned, Dutch oven lid lifters are a necessity as they will prevent ashes from getting in the food.

A Lodge cast iron Dutch oven is the best Dutch oven to have in my opinion. Lodge Dutch ovens are the leaders in the industry and they got there by delivering a quality outdoor Dutch oven for more than 200 years. I highly recommend these Dutch ovens - they are awesome for camp Dutch oven cooking and they will last forever!

Texsport cast iron Dutch ovens don't cost as much as Lodge Logic Dutch ovens, but they are much lighter in weight, have hot spots and will burn and the legs are sharp so they can't be stacked.

Camp Dutch Oven Cooking

Dutch oven outdoor cooking gives you delicious and easy camp menu ideas - a Dutch oven breakfast with sausage and eggs is one of the best Dutch oven meals you can ever have.

Dutch oven campfire cooking requires using a Dutch oven tripod to hold it above the flame so it can cook at just the right temperature - you can find many Dutch oven campfire recipes for some great camp menu ideas.

Baking in a Dutch oven is simply amazing - breads and desserts turn out just perfect!

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