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Cooking on a grill is so much fun when you are camping - and it's also incredibly easy. Camping grills also provide a way to make healthy and fit camp meals.

But there are so many to choose from - it's difficult to know which is the best portable grill for your needs. Hopefully, these portable charcoal and gas grill reviews will be helpful to you in making that decision.

Granted - cooking on a gas grill or grilling with charcoal is not for all camping food. You probably don't want to try cooking eggs on a grill!


But for many, many foods, grilling is an ideal method for making easy camping meals.

Just imagine - you are relaxing around a cheery campfire enjoying a before-dinner drink, when you begin to notice a tantalizing aroma...

A sizzling steak cooking on your camping grill is beginning to make you hungry and soon you are delighting your taste buds with a perfectly seared, tender, juicy steak - Can anything be better?

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What type of camping grill is best for you?

In your research, you will find three types of camp grills -

Portable Propane Grill: Fast and easy - just turn on and light - hot flames instantly - the most popular way to grill - no smoke flavor unless wood chips are added - easy to transport

Portable Charcoal Grill: Easy to light - takes some time before coals are ready - imparts smoky flavor to food - usually cheaper than gas grills - can be messy - small enough to be easy to transport

Portable Smoker Grill: Can be charcoal or gas - slow cooking at low temperatures - wonderful smoky flavor - can be a dedicated grill used just for smoking or a grill box smoker put on a camping grill - small enough to transport to your camping site

Whatever type of camping grill fits your needs the best, you are sure to enjoy cooking with one on your next camping trip. Use this grill review to help you decide which one is best for you.

Some of the most popular grills for camping:

Weber Camping Grills

All Weber grills are made with high quality materials and construction to give outstanding performance for many years - they are not cheap gas grills that you have to replace every year , but they will last a long time - you'll find a heavy duty body with a fused porcelain enamel coating to prevent rust and chipping - they have heavy cast iron cooking grates to hold high heat and not rust - push button lighting for instant, constant heat - the higher lid lets you cook larger cuts of meat.

Weber Q Grill

5 different models

unique style

sturdy and tough

#1 portable gas grill

no hot or cold spots

Weber Performer Charcoal Grill

built-in lid thermometer

push button gas lighting

2 storage bins

work table

heavy, easy to move cart

black - dark blue - green - red

one touch cleaning system

dual vent system

Weber One Touch Grill

3 styles and 6 sizes

one touch cleaning system

dual vents

black - dark blue - green

hinged grate

work table

10 year warranty

no-crack wheels

Weber Smokey Joe Grill

smaller - 14.5 inches - 9.5 pounds

easy to pack up and carry

2 models - gold and silver

least expensive Weber grill

10 year warranty

dual vents to control heat

#1 charcoal camping grill

Weber Go Anywhere Grill

rectangular shape

legs lock lid in place


lid holder for wind break

no lava rocks

Coleman Camping Grills:

Roadtrip grills are excellent portable grills - full size cooking power from 8,000 BTUs in the Road Trip Party Grill to 22,000 BTUs in the Road Trip LXX Grill - can run on either small, disposable propane canisters or the more economical bulk tanks with an adapter - many feature a matchless lighting system - all have heavy duty porcelain coated cooking grates with stainless steel burners - they feature the PerfectFlow pressure control to give you constant heat even in cold weather or high altitudes.

Road Trip Party Grill

8000 BTUs


carry bag included

easy to transport


dishwasher safe

Road Trip Table Top Grill

10,000 BTUs

cook for 6 to 8

lid thermometer

powerful grill

dishwasher safe

Road Trip LX Grill

2 burners - 10,000 BTUs each

1 grill grate and 1 griddle

easy up and down

2 work tables


locking lid

Road Trip LXE Grill

2 burners - 10,000 BTUs each

2 grill grates


2 work tables

easy to set up and take down

locking lid

Road Trip LXX Grill

2 burners - 11,000 BTUs each

2 grill grates


2 work tables

locking lid

premium grill

New to grilling?

If you are new to grilling, don't be afraid to try it - it's really quite simple to learn how to grill and the results are simply delicious. Cooking on camp grills can be a lot more than simply throwing on a hamburger or hot dog - but there is nothing wrong with those either - I love them both!

There are two methods of cooking on camping grills:

Direct heat grilling - high heat is used for searing meat and for cooking fast foods.

Indirect heat grilling - food cooked off to the side with low heat and slow cooking - for large cuts of meat, whole chickens and even turkey.

These two methods can be accomplished with cooking on a gas grill or grilling with charcoal - whatever your preference is.

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Have a great time cooking on your camping grill!

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