Camping Pack List

Don't Forget Those Camping Necessities!

A camping pack list will keep you prepared and will ensure that you have all the camping necessities to make your camping trip special and fun.


  It can be so frustrating to arrive at your camping spot and discover that you have forgotten something you really need.


I know because I have done it!

Our recommendations for what to take camping should have you prepared for an awesome camping trip.




Involve the Whole Family

Keep the whole family involved when you are making your camping supply list - they might remind you of something you forgot - they will also be excited about the upcoming camping trip.


A camping pack list helps you pack gear efficiently - you can pack similar things together.


As you check off items - you can easily see what is left - things to buy - things to find in the garage - things to borrow.



With a checklist, you won't forget things that are important like medications (or matches!)


When making your camping trip checklist, keep in mind how many people there will be. Make sure you pack a sufficient supply for all.


This list is quite basic. Check out the more detailed lists for additional items that you might want or need.

Shelter and Sleeping Supplies

Getting a good night's sleep is so important! You have lots of fun things planned for the next day and a restful sleep will have you prepared


_____Tent Poles

_____Tent Stakes

_____Tent Rainfly

_____Hammer to Pound in Tent Stakes

_____Battery Lantern for Tent

_____Tent Footprint or Tarp

_____Sleeping Bags

_____Air Mattresses




_____Rug for Tent

For a more detailed camping pack list see our tent camping checklist

Eating Supplies

Eating is a necessary part of living and we all know how good food tastes when we are camping.

____Breakfast Meat


____Pancake Mix





____Lunch Meat



____Supper Meat




____Hershey Bars

____Graham Crackers

____Drinks - sodas, coffee, tea, water, juice

____Dishes and mixing bowls

____Eating Utensils




You might like to check our Easy Camping Recipes page.

First Aid Supplies

Hopefully you won't need any of this, but if you do, it's good to have first aid supplies with you.

____Burn Ointment

____Antiseptic Cream

____Pain Killers

____Sunburn Lotion



Cooking Supplies

Cooking outdoors is fun no matter how you do it: campfire - gas stove - charcoal grill.

____Camp Stove

____Cooking Pans

____Cooking Utensils


____Coffee Pot


____Can Opener

____Pot Holders

____Camping Grill

____Campfire Grate

____Lighter or Matches

Personal Needs


You still have to take care of your everyday needs.

____Grooming Items




____Insect Repellent

____Wet Wipes

____Lip Balm

____Feminine Supplies



____Extra Shoes

Miscellaneous Items for your Camping Pack List

____Dishwashing Supplies








____Fishing Gear


____Kids Toys

____Baby Needs



Before Leaving Home

Some things you might want to do before you leave home -

  • Lock your doors
  • Close and lock the windows
  • Turn off the computer
  • Adjust the thermostat
  • Stop mail delivery
  • Water inside plants
  • Move outside pot plants so sprinkler will water
  • Clean out refigerator
  • Arrange for pet care

Don't Forget the Matches!


I did it - I forgot the matches once! We went to an isolated primitive camping site and because we don’t smoke, there wasn’t a match or lighter to be found anywhere. Believe me - rubbing sticks together doesn’t work.

So, after unloading the camping gear, I went on a search for matches. After driving 36 miles, I found some at a gas station - I had to get more fuel too!

That long-delayed campfire was really enjoyable though. There’s nothing like a crackling campfire to take the tension out of you.

How much better it would have been to have a list of what to bring camping. You can be sure I had a packing list for camping after that!

I hope this list will be helpful to you and don't forget to check out the more detailed lists.

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Happy Camping!

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