Camping Screen Tent

What's So Special About It?

A camping screen tent is probably one of the most useful pieces of camping equipment you will ever have.

If you don't like bugs and flying insects tormenting you when you are camping, then a gazebo tent or screen room is for you!

Qualities of a Good Camping Screen Tent

Good quality camping screened tents will be made with a polyester roof and will have no-see-um mesh walls. The roof will have a waterproof finish applied as well as UV protection to prevent sun damage.

The mesh should be tight enough to keep out tiny creepy-crawlies, while still providing good air circulation.

Good quality canopy tents should be large enough for activities to take place inside - card and game playing, cooking, taking a nap, reading a book and anything else that is fun and relaxing for you and your family.

A portable screen room is especially good for small children play areas - keeps them protected from mosquitoes while being a fun play ground - even for a wading pool!

Your screen house tent should have tent poles that are strong and durable and also color-coded or numbered - makes assembly a lot easier.

Zippers are a really important item on a camping screen tent. They should be full-length, durable and easily opened and closed. There is nothing more frustrating than having a zipper break on your camping gear! Good quality will usually take care of this problem.

Awnings are another feature on good quality camping screen rooms - they provide shade when they are opened and protection from wind and rain when they are closed.

Don't Track Up The Floor

Many campers prefer to have a portable screen house without a floor attached. Because you go in and out more times than you do with a sleeping tent, it would be easy to always have a messy floor. So if you don't have a floor - problem solved!

There will usually be a flap on the bottom of the camping screen room to deter bugs and small critters from coming inside.

Screen Tent Set Up

Some guidelines to help you set up your screen house tent -

  • Choose a flat, level spot away from the campfire and free of rocks, sticks and other debris.
  • Lay out the tent with the door in your preferred location.
  • Stake down the corners so it is taut - then put a stake in the loops in front, sides and back. Angle the top of the stake to go out a bit so the tension doesn't pull it out.
  • Unzip the door.
  • Divide the poles - roof and sides.
  • Assemble the roof poles with the ends pointing down.
  • Match center of roof with center of tent - assemble center poles, raising the center of the tent
  • Assemble the end poles and insert into the roof poles.
  • Raise the tent.
  • Assemble the tent door pole or poles.
  • Check stakes to be sure they are tight.
  • Adjust the legs so zippers slide easily.

I'm sure you will really appreciate the usefulness of your camping screen tent!

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