The Right Camping Sleeping Bags Will Keep You Cozy and Warm

Nights can be cold in the mountains, but good camping sleeping bags will keep you cozy and warm instead of shivering all night long. A good night’s sleep is something you need, but the wrong sleeping bag can lead to hours of no sleep and that would not be fun!

You will find many, many different sleeping bags in all shapes, prices and sizes in your search for camping sleeping bags.

If you are careful to choose the correct one to fit your situation, you will have a wonderful night's sleep in your cozy tent.

The most popular camping sleeping bags are the ones that are rated to keep you warm in 20 degree temperatures, down to 0 degrees. You could probably call these 3 season sleeping bags - the problem is that ratings are usually a little more generous than real. So make sure you are purchasing a sleeping bag that will keep you warm.

I don't recommend light weight sleeping bags for camping in the mountains - the nights get cold in the Montana mountains, as well as other mountains. However, if you already have a light weight sleeping bag, you could probably get by with putting extra blankets on or in your sleeping bag - just be sure you have a good air mattress or pad to put underneath, or you will be cold regardless. Down sleeping bags can be lightweight, but still warm - check for the manufacturer's recommended temperatures.

If you are looking for cold weather sleeping bags, you should look at ones that are rated for a minimum of 0 degrees - remember, the ratings are usually a little light. If you get one that is rated for minus 20 degrees, you should be safe, unless you are planning to be in colder weather than that.

Cold weather sleeping bags should have an insulated hood to keep your head warm plus a draft collar to prevent cold air from coming in.

Something to be aware of - adding extra blankets, sleeping in warm clothes, having foot warmers, etc. just doesn't cut it when you are camping in really cold weather. You just need a cold weather sleeping bag that is rated as low as minus 40 degrees.

It's hard to beat goose down sleeping bags for warmth - they are more expensive, but they are definitely worth it so you are not miserable all night long. It is always better to be too warm than to be too cold!

You can always unzip or take your arms out of a sleeping bag if you are too warm, but if you are cold, you're going to be miserable.

Types of Sleeping Bags

Rectangular sleeping bags are a lot roomier than mummy bags, but mummy bags are warmer. Mummy bags are cocoon shaped with a hood for your head. However, some people cannot tolerate the confinement of a mummy sleeping bag.

Down filled sleeping bags are the first choice of campers who want a warm, but lightweight sleeping bag. Down is a natural insulator consisting of small feathers from ducks and geese. Goose down sleeping bags are perfect for backpacking because they are ultra light in weight, while at the same time they are exceptionally warm. The only negative for a down sleeping bag is that they don’t do well if they get wet.

A synthetic sleeping bag is filled with man-made fibers that are heavier than down, so they aren’t as good for backpacking. Synthetic sleeping bags can be almost as warm as down and the good thing is that they cost less. Synthetic sleeping bags are machine washable and if they get wet, they dry quickly. If you see any possibility of your sleeping bag getting wet, you probably want to have a synthetic sleeping bag.

There are basically four types of sleeping bags:

  • Rectangular synthetic sleeping bag
  • Mummy synthetic sleeping bag
  • Rectangular down filled sleeping bags
  • Mummy down filled sleeping bags

Does It Fit?

Be sure to get the correct size for you camping sleeping bags - if they are too large, the empty space robs you of heat, and if they are too small, your shoulders will stick out or you will have to sleep with your knees bent all night long. The standard size for sleeping bags is 32 inches by 78 inches, but there are oversized bags available that are wider and longer if you need them.

Kids Sleeping Bags

Youth sleeping bags come in a variety of colors and styles. Some that are especially popular are:

  • kids character sleeping bags
  • Disney sleeping bags
  • boys sleeping bags
  • pink sleeping bag

I highly recommend that you don’t skimp on your sleeping bag. The money that you would save isn’t worth a sleepless night! Cheap sleeping bags are definitely not as warm as they claim and they are known for zippers that break and seams that rip out.

Here’s wishing you a good night’s sleep in your warm camping sleeping bags.

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