Camping with Kids - Can It Really Be Fun?

Yes, It Certainly Can!

2 things kids love - marshmallows and hot dogs!!

Everyone will enjoy these expandable hot dog and marshmallow forks

Camping with kids is just simply a special event!

Children love camping - they love discovering the outdoors - they love the campfire and they love getting dirty!

Camping for kids means there is something special every minute of the day from waking up in the morning until falling asleep at night. It is so much fun to take kids camping and watch them discover new things.

camping with kids is specia

Camping with kids can also mean fun and affordable family vacations. It is less expensive to cook your own meals and very little, or nothing, is spent on lodging. It doesn’t cost much for kids to play in a lake - but don't forget to put a life jacket on them. They will spend hours going in and out of the water. If you bring along some floating toys, that is even more fun.

Remember the sun screen and reapply often - you sure don’t want them to get sunburned and be miserable.

camping with kids - naptim

It is important to remember to find time for naps if your kids are at that age. Otherwise, camping with kids might not be so much fun. They get so tired and can make life miserable for everyone.

Be sure to bring along favorite blankets for sleeping and one to wrap them in while sitting by the campfire at night. When our kids were little, they went to sleep every night by the campfire and wrapped in a blanket while sitting on my lap.

Kids Camp Activities

Kids entertain themselves very well when you are camping. When our son was young, he would spend hours making roads and bridges for matchbox cars and trucks.

All of our kids loved catching frogs - they would even make houses for them and they all had names.

Campfire activities are always fun with camp songs for kids and seeing who could tell the best funny camping stories. Sometimes they even came up with funny ghost stories - wouldn't want scary ones before they go to bed. Campfire stories for kids is a special part of sitting around the campfire and they love them.

Teen camping when they get a little older means having lots of ideas for things to do while camping. One thing that older kids enjoy is having fun with good clean camp pranks. They always produce a good laugh. Another good idea for older kids is having a nature scavenger hunt. You can also find lots of summer craft ideas to keep them busy.

Have you ever thought of giving your kids a camping birthday party? That makes a really special event - the ideas are endless!

Singing songs around the campfire is a favorite part of camping with kids. There are many kids camp songs to choose from - silly camp songs, girl scout camp songs, Bible camp songs and others. They are all fun!

A fun activity for kids when they need something to keep them busy is making things with play dough. The ideas are endless and if you know how to make play dough, it can be a really cheap pastime when you are camping with kids.

No matter what kind of fun camping activities for kids you are enjoying - working on something at the campsite, discovering nature with a nature scavenger hunt, playing in the water, sitting around the campfire singing fun camp songs, playing outdoor kids camp games or telling campfire ghost stories - your kids are doing fun things with you. Sometimes that can be difficult to accomplish at home with everybody’s busy life. Camping with kids can create priceless bonds to keep your family close.


Just For Kids

Kids love to pick out their own special sleeping bags and they can't wait to snuggle down in them after a fun camping day, There are so many to choose from and you will find one to match your child's style and your price range. Whatever one you and your child choose, it will be comfortable with a soft interior.

Nothing pleases a small child more than having kids camping chairs just like the big people. It is helpful if it has a holder for a sippy cup or a juice box. These small chairs are also safer than climbing up in an adult chair and tipping it over. Kids camping chairs come in all sizes and shapes and are especially designed for them. They are lower to the ground, sturdy and lightweight.

Is your child used to a nightlight at home? A small solar light makes a good nightlight in a tent or in a camper. Just remember to put it out in the sunshine so it recharges. It is also a good idea for each child to have his or her own flashlight. It will be reassuring for them at night and also fun. Remember to bring lots of batteries.

A hoodie for kids is almost a necessity when you are camping - if it turns cool, or gets a little breezy they are so easy to put on.  They instantly have  protection, not only for their upper body, but for their head too.  If your child is prone to earaches, a hoody will help to prevent one.  Click here to see lots of really cool hoodies for girls 2 to 6x.

It is quite common when camping in the mountains to have a rain shower. So it is a good idea to have childrens rain coats, as well as rain boots for kids. Then the kids can still be outdoors and they will have fun in the rain. - do you remember how much fun it was to go running through mud puddles? Sometimes too, the mornings are damp when you get up and the rain boots are really handy to put on until it gets dry.

If you are camping with an infant it is really handy to bring along a small portable crib and a play pen. We always took a screen tent too in case the mosquitoes were bothersome. A small folding stroller is also a good thing to have. Some of the plastic totes that you pack things in will work well for a bathtub and I always had a good supply of wet wipes.

All in all, camping with kids is really fun and it is so special for them!


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