Coleman Weathermaster 10 Tent

Cabin Style Tents Are the Best
Large Family Camping Tents

The Coleman Weathermaster 10 Tent is a large two room cabin tent that is one of the best large family tents available.

Cabin style tents offer the most efficient use of space because of their vertical walls - you can stand up straight right to the edges.

The Coleman Weathermaster 10 tent measures 17 feet by 9 feet by 78 inches high giving you lots of sleeping room plus personal space in this family size camping tent

Large Family Tent

You can divide this tent into 2 separate rooms if you want to - but seriously, how much privacy can you have in a tent? It gives you privacy for changing clothes, however.

This tent is rated to sleep 10 people - though it is much better for a 4 or 5 person tent. Tent companies rate tents with sleeping bags placed right next to each other with no space between.

A Coleman weathermaster 10 tent has 2 doors and 4 windows.

The front door is hinged so it will swing open and shut easily - it can be held closed with velcro and can be zipped up tight at night or if you are going to be away for a while.

The back door of this Coleman Weathermaster cabin tent is an inverted T door with a roll up storm cover, so you can be fully protected from rain.

You will find a large window beside each door and one on each end. The windows on the ends have a hood to help protect against rain.

These windows are of no-see-um heavy duty mesh and will zip up tightly at night or in a rainstorm.

The carry bag has set up instructions sewed right onto it so you won't have to worry about losing them.

You will also find a separate bag for the tent stakes and for the poles - this helps protect your tent from getting damaged with these.

Coleman's Comfort System gives you adjustable air circulation with a lower vented Cool-Air Privacy Port, a high privacy vent and mesh ceilings.

An electrical access port built into the lower wall of the tent lets you plug in electrical items to an outside power source.

The no-see-um mesh ceiling allows good air circulation when it is warm. You can't close it off, but the rainfly above it keeps rain out of your tent while still allowing plenty of fresh air to come into your tent.

This is really important because condensation will collect on tent walls during the night and will drip on your sleeping bag and clothes if you don't have plenty of ventilation.

A gear pocket on the wall keeps small items from getting lost - a good place to keep car keys, cell phones, flashlight, etc.

Although this Coleman Weathermaster tent is rated to sleep 10 campers - it is much better for 4 or 5 people. There will be plenty of room to move around and lots of space for camping gear.

Coleman's WeatherTec System guarantees you will have waterproof camping tents with:

  • Taped seams to keep rain from coming through needle holes into your tent
  • Rainfly of 75 denier polyester covers the ceiling, doors and windows so rain can't come in
  • Weather resistant fabric of coated polyester and anti-wicking thread helps to keep rain out
  • Zipper covers around door and windows cover the seams so rain doesn't come in through needle holes.
  • Bathtub floors made from 1000 denier polyethylene have no needle holes so water underneath the tent can't seep through

Setting up Coleman Tents

The Coleman Weathermaster 10 Tent has a 1 year warranty against defects in material or construction. They honor this warranty with no questions asked.

Tent footprints are a good thing to have - the small additional cost is very much worthwhile to protect your tent floor from punctures and tears caused by sticks, rocks, etc.

You can make your own tent footprint from a tarp - just make sure that it is about 1 inch smaller all around or water will collect on it and run under your tent.

If your tent is new and you haven't set it up yet - put it up at home first before you go on a camping trip. This will allow you to be familiar with setting it up and in the rare event that a piece would be missing - it would give you time to get a replacement.

Putting your tent up in the backyard will also give you the opportunity to put seam sealer on all seams to make it even more waterproof - don't forget to put it on the tabs for stakes too.

If you encounter high wind conditions, it might be helpful if you remove the rainfly and then put it back on when the wind dies down.

Set up for a Weathermaster 10 tent is a typical cabin tent set up and is really simple:

  • Stake down the floor after squaring it up
  • Attach curved ceiling poles in sleeves
  • Attach vertical poles to ceiling poles
  • Lay down poles with curved tops all to the right or left
  • Stand up by taking hold of top pole and pulling up
  • Fasten with pin and ring connectors at base of tent
  • Remove wrinkles from floor and adjust stakes
  • Fasten walls to poles with clip attachments
  • Attach poles for window hoods
  • Attach rainfly - you could put rainfly over top before standing up
  • Fasten down guy lines with stakes

The Coleman Weathermaster 10 tent is made of high quality material and is a great value for a large family tent - you will really like this tent!

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Here is a good video for you to watch that shows the benefits of the Coleman weathermaster 10 tent:

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