Coleman Weathermaster Cabin Tent

Cabin Style Tents Are A Perfect Family Tent

Learn all about a Coleman Weathermaster cabin tent - how it will keep you warm and dry in a rainstorm - how it is an extremely easy set up tent - how they are perfect family size tents.

Coleman weathermaster tents are top of the line cabin style tents at affordable prices!

Waterproof Camping Tents

The Coleman WeatherTec System used on Coleman camping tents is guaranteed to keep you dry -- no ifs, and, or buts!

Features of the WeatherTec System are:

Fully taped seams - needle holes are covered and rain won't seep in

Coated polyester rainfly - covers doors and windows so rain doesn't leak through

Inverted floor seams - needle holes are inside the tent

Welded bathtub floors - heavy polyethylene fabric has no seams on the floor and comes up about 6 inches on the sides

Zipper covers - keeps door and windows from leaking

Weather resistant fabric - polyethylene is heavily coated to resist water

You will find 3 different models in the Coleman Weathermaster Cabin line:

Coleman Weathermaster Screened 6

3 rooms with removable divider

17 feet by 9 feet by 80 inches high

rated to sleep 6 - 2 to 4 is better

Coleman Weathermaster 10

Can be 1,2, or 3 rooms

17 feet by 9 feet by 80 inches high

rated to sleep 10 - 5 or 6 is better

Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6

3 rooms with removable divider

17 feet by 9 feet by 80 inches high

rated to sleep 6 - 2 or 4 is better

Easy Up Tents

The Coleman Weathermaster cabin tent is easy to put up with color-coded poles and sleeves - ring and pin connectors - and InstaClips.

To set up a Weathermaster tent -

1. Select a site that is a safe distance from your campfire rings.

2. Clear away sharp rocks, tree branches, pine cones, etc.

3. If the site isn't level, position tent so your head is uphill.

4. Unfold the tent and put the door where you want it to be.

5. Pull corners out and stake down the floor.

6. Put the curved poles into the ceiling sleeves.

7. Put together the leg poles and fasten them to the ceiling poles.

8. Fasten the bottom of each leg pole and clip the tent to the poles.

9. Extend leg poles to full height.

10. Attach brow poles and the rainfly.

11. Guy out the rainfly so it is tight.

You can set up this tent by yourself - it is even easier with two people.

Other Features

A hinged front door is a great feature on a Coleman Weathermaster tent - little ones can easily go in and out by themselves. It is easier, too, if you are trying to go inside with something in your hands - like a sleeping child. The door will go shut behind you to keep out the bugs.

Coleman offers a Comfort System for its Weathermaster cabin tent that will keep you cool. There is plenty of ventilation with the mesh ceiling, a privacy vent window, a cool air port, in addition to lots of windows. It is important to have good ventilation in a tent so you can avoid condensation - it can get your things very wet!

A Coleman Weathermaster cabin tent is made with the very best tent materials to last a long time.

Coleman offers a one year guarantee against problems with materials or construction.

A Coleman Weathermaster cabin tent is a great family tent for a reasonable price.

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