Elite Coleman Weathermaster
Screened Tent

Coleman weathermaster screened tent; Cabin style camping tents are perfect large family camping tents!

A Coleman Weathermaster cabin tent makes the most efficient use of space because of the nearly vertical walls - you can put a bed right up close to the wall.

The sleeping area can be divided into two rooms if you want - this will make it a three room tent - the divider zips in the middle, but isn't fastened to the floor, so it can be tied back. It can also be removed if you don't want to use it.

The attached camping screen room is a nice covered entry into the main tent in case of rain. There is no floor in it - makes a good place to take off and leave wet or muddy shoes and clothes.

It also is a great place to relax and watch the sunset without the annoying bugs.

The window coverings in the Elite Coleman Weathermaster screened tent automatically roll up when you open the zipper - they work on the same principle as the roll-up measuring tapes or the slap bracelets that were popular in the 50's.

You'll find a battery-powered built-in ceiling light that has a remote switch so you can turn it off (or on) without getting out of your sleeping bag.

The front door is a hinged D style door - easy to get in or out - swings shut by itself - a good feature for kids. It's also really handy when you are carrying something inside.

There is an inverted T door between the screen room and the main tent. This door can be left open during a warm day for more air circulation and can be closed up tight at night when it gets cold.

The no-see-um mesh ceiling allows maximum ventilation so you can be comfortable on a hot day.

The curved poles on top allow space between the rainfly and the mesh ceiling - gives you good air flow even when it's raining. This is good because if your tent is closed up tight without good air circulation - you will get wet from a build up of condensation.

Coleman camping tents come with a guarantee that you will stay dry with their WeatherTec System -

  • Rainfly is heavily coated 75 denier polyester taffeta and it completely covers the mesh ceiling, doors and windows to keep the rain outside where it belongs.
  • Taped seams cover the needle holes so rain can't seep through.
  • The welded bathtub floor is heavy 1000 denier polyethylene without any seams - it comes up about 6 inches on the sides of the tent.
  • Zipper covers keep rain away from needle holes in the zipper around the door.

Even with all these weather resistant features for waterproofing tents, I recommend that you use seam sealer on all the tent seams - don't forget the loops where you put stakes - this will make your tent even more waterproof.

This Coleman Weathermaster Screened Tent is 17 feet by 9 feet and 78 inches high.

It is rated to sleep 6 - but that means sleeping bags placed next to each other with no space between. It would be much better for 2 or 4 - or even just 1 or 2.

Personally, I love this tent for just the 2 of us!

This tent weighs 42 pounds - which is a little heavy - but if you want a car camping tent and can drive right to your campsite, it shouldn't be a problem. The carry bag makes it easy to transport.

Tent footprints will protect the tent floor from getting tears and punctures caused by rocks, sticks, and so forth - the small cost is well worth it!

You can even make your own footprint from a tarp - just be sure you make it about 1 inch smaller all the way around - or it will collect water and send it underneath your tent - not what you want!

Even though this Coleman Weathermaster screened tent is a large family tent - it is an extremely easy set up tent:

  • Stake down the floor.
  • Put ceiling poles in sleeves.
  • Attach upright poles to ceiling poles.
  • Stand up tent.
  • Fasten base connectors
  • Fasten poles to walls
  • Put in window poles
  • Put on rainfly
  • Stake down guy lines

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