Coleman Weathermaster Tent

Large Family Camping Tents

Coleman Weathermaster Tent; Are you looking for lots of windows, lots of room, easy set up tents?

These cabin style tents are perfect large family tents at an affordable price.

These are large family tents

One of the biggest considerations for determining what size of a Webmaster cabin tent you should have would be how many people will be sleeping in the tent.

Manufacturers rate a tent as to the number of people that can sleep in it - this means sleeping bags placed next to each other with no space between. Not very realistic - where do you put your clothes and other personal needs?

A good guideline is to cut in half the number of people - for example, a tent rated for sleeping 10 would realistically accommodate 5 or maybe 6 with 4 small children.

Another point to think about is how tall the people in your tent are - a Coleman Weathermaster tent is 80 inches at center height. This allows most campers to walk around inside without their shoulders being hunched over or their head hitting the ceiling.

There is a good amount of floor space in a Coleman Weathermaster tent with the 17 foot by 9 foot dimension. This makes a lot of room to lay out air mattresses or cots, plus space for luggage and other gear - you won't have to stumble over the sleeping dog or some shoes left out in the middle!

The generous size makes your time spent inside the tent much more pleasant and will leave lots of fun memories to cherish.

How much gear you will have to stow inside affects the size you need also - you need a place to keep your clothes and other personal items dry and easy to get to. If you have a toddler or a baby, you will probably need some extra items too.

I would suggest that you get the largest family size tents that you can afford. It is just the two of us now, and we really appreciate all the room in a Coleman Weathermaster tent. You could say it is a regular "camping condo".

coleman weathermaster tent screened

Coleman Weathermaster Screened 6 Tent

This Coleman screen tent is a three room tent with a removable divider plus a screen room. The middle room can serve as a second bedroom, a dining room, or a gathering place. The end room is a bedroom and the other end is a screened patio room. This gives you a good place to relax or read and escape the bugs - also a good place to sleep on warm nights. The overall size is 17 feet by 9 feet with 80 inch ceiling height - a good size for 2 adults and 3 children.

coleman weathermaster tent elite

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Tent

This tent is the same as the one above with the addition of a built-in LED light attached to the ceiling. This light comes with a remote controlled switch so you can turn it off without having to get out of your sleeping bag. The Elite tent also has auto-roll windows that operate like a metal roll-up measuring tape. They can be opened all the way, or part way. This is a great family tent and is one of the few luxury camping tents.

coleman weathermaster tent 1

Coleman Weathermaster 10 Tent

This large family tent is a two room cabin tent that can be separated with a removable divider - or you can leave it as one big room if you want. The reverse-angle end windows have a hood over them so you can leave them open during a gentle rain. Coleman's WeatherTec System is guaranteed to keep you dry so you can have a good night's sleep. Ten people would be tight in this tent - 5 or 6 is much better. A wonderful Coleman cabin tent.

The Hinged Door

The hinged front door that you find in a Coleman Weathermaster tent is a new idea that is really nice! Kids can go in and out with ease and you don't have to get up from the good book you are reading to help them get in - or if you want to go inside the tent with something in your hands, (like a sleeping child) it is much more convenient.

This door makes it so much easier to keep the bugs outside where they belong. I don't know about you, but the man in my house has a tendency not to zip the door shut - this is a good solution!

What about ventilation?

The Comfort System in a Coleman Weathermaster tent allows good ventilation with a vented cool-air port, a privacy vent window and a mesh ceiling. This system prevents condensation from building up on the inside of the tent and dripping on your sleeping bag or your clothes. The privacy window is high enough so you can leave it open at night if you want. The cool-air port has a zippered flap to close up tight or leave open with a screen - or you can open both of them for access to the outside - maybe a doggy door?

There is a weatherproof electrical access so you can plug into an outside power source. Who knows what you might want to plug in - a DVD player for a movie, your cell phone charger, an electric toothbrush or razor, curling iron or blow dryer - electric coffee pot, or ?

A gear pocket sewn to the side of the tent keeps small things like your car keys - cell phone - flashlight from getting lost and keeps them also handy and easy to get to.

The reverse-angle windows keep the rain out even if they are open - keeps the inside fresh. They are made with no-see-um mesh to keep bugs from coming in. It is really annoying to have a mosquito flying around your head when you are trying to sleep!

Will it keep me dry?

The WeatherTec System in a Coleman weathermaster tent is guaranteed to keep you dry and lets you camp in luxury, even if it rains:

  • Taped seams - needle holes are covered, no rain comes through - you should still seal the seams with a waterproof spray for completely waterproof camping tents.
  • Polyester taffeta rainfly - covers doors and windows - make sure it is pulled tight so rain will drain off in the right spots - lets you still have ventilation when it is raining. If there is no rain in the forecast, you can leave it off so you can see the stars at night.
  • Inverted floor seams - where they join the walls to prevent rain from coming in - hides the needle holes inside the tent.
  • Welded bathtub floor - polyethylene - means no seams or needle holes in the floor and it comes up on the sides - no water gets in from outside.
  • Zipper covers - protects doors and windows to keep them from leaking when it rains.
  • Weather resistant fabric - repels rain so it runs off instead of soaking through.

A Coleman Weathermaster tent is tested at the factory in a rain room that simulates nasty rainstorms and in a wind tunnel with hurricane force winds - tests their methods of waterproofing tents.

Sturdy, wind-resistant poles come with these tents and plastic stakes. I recommend that you buy sturdier stakes and have some extra in case one breaks or bends.

You won't have to spend hours putting up a Coleman weathermaster tent

This is an easy set up tent with color-coded poles and continuous sleeves, plus ring and pin connectors for attaching to the floor and InstaClips. Directions for set up are printed on the carry bag so you won't lose them.

To set up a Coleman Weathermaster tent:

  • 1. Lay out the tent floor - stake down one end - pull it tight and square - stake down other end.
  • 2. Put the curved poles into the ceiling sleeves - attach the side poles to these ceiling poles.
  • 3. Lay all the tent poles down with the curved tops all facing in one direction towards one end of the tent.
  • 4. Grab the top of the end pole and pull all the poles up - this will stand up the tent - you can lay the rain fly over the top at this point before standing up.
  • 5. Place each pole over its corresponding pin on the floor of the tent and fasten with the pin and ring connectors.
  • 6. Square up the tent and stake it securely removing any wrinkles from the floor and the walls.
  • 7. Clip the poles to the walls with the InstaClips.
  • 8. Attach any brow poles and the rainfly - be sure the rainfly is tight so that it drains in the right places.
  • 9. Attach the guy loops making the tent taut.
  • You can put up these tents by yourself, but it is helpful to have two people. If the wind is blowing when you set up, you definitely need two.

A money back guarantee

The Coleman Weathermaster tent is made from very high quality material and because they are so confident of their tents, Coleman offers a one year limited warranty in case you find any problems with the manufacturing of your tent.

Many campers have lifetime memories to cherish from their time spent in a Coleman tents and I'm sure you will too!

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