Custer National Forest Campgrounds

The Custer National Forest is located in South Central Montana and provides extensive recreation opportunities. It contains land of the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness and consists of 1.2 million acres. There are unparalleled hiking trails in the Custer Forest and an abundance of varied wildlife.

 Custer National Forest camping will give you some special times to remember.




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Pinegrove Campsite in Custer National Forest



The Beartooth Ranger District manages Custer National Forest camping in this area:



  • Basin Campground - 8 miles west of Red Lodge - 30 sites - fee area - heavily forested on West Fork of Rock Creek
  • Cascade Campground - 12 miles west of Red Lodge - 35 sites - fee area - along West Fork of Rock Creek next to Absaroka/Beartooth Wilderness
  • Palisades Campground - 3 miles west of Red Lodge - 6 sites - fee area - along Willow Creek
  • East Rosebud Lake Campground - 11 miles southwest of Roscoe - 14 sites - fee area - in the Beartooth Mountains adjacent to East Rosebud Lake
  • Jimmy Joe Campground - 9 miles south of Roscoe - 10 sites - no charge - near to East Rosebud Lake
  • Emerald Lake Campground - 25 miles south of Fishtail - 32 sites - fee area - Mystic Lake nearby
  • Pine Grove Campground - 15 miles southwest of Fishtail - 46 sites - fee area - close to Absaroka/Beartooth Wilderness
  • Woodbine Campground - 7 miles southwest of Nye - 44 sites - fee area - heavily forested along the Stillwater River
  • Sage Creek Campground - 26 miles southeast of Bridger - 10 sites - fee area - in small pines along creek
  • Greenough Campground - 13 miles southwest of Red Lodge - 18 sites - fee area - between Wyoming Creek and Rock Creek
  • M-K Campground - 16 miles southwest of Red Lodge - 10 sites - no charge - above Rock Creek, rough road
  • Limber Pine Campground - 13 miles southwest of Red Lodge - 13 sites - fee area - along Rock Creek in large trees and rocks
  • Parkside Campground - 13 miles southwest of Red Lodge - 28 sites - fee area - in pine trees along Rock Creek
  • Rattin Campground - 8.5 miles southwest of Red Lodge - 6 sites - fee area - along Rock Creek in dense trees, not suitable for trailers
  • Sheridan Campground - 8 miles south of Red Lodge - 8 sites - fee area - along Rock Creek in cottonwoods and pines


Parkside Campground in Custer National Forest

Custer National Forest Campgrounds Map

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