Eureka Condo Tent 

A Deluxe Extra-Large Family Tent

This Eureka Condo Tent is one of the finest camping tents you could ever have.  It offers more features and comfort benefits than most of the large portable tents for camping that are available today.

You could look a long time before you would find a better tent for a family than this one.  It is appropriately named because it is exceptionally roomy and will sleep a lot of people.

The Eureka Condo tent has a higher price tag than smaller tents, but it is so worth the money if you can afford it.  It is without a doubt, one of the best Eureka tents.


Features and Benefits of Eureka Condo Tent

This is a 2 room tent with a narrow changing room in the middle if you want to put in the extra divider.  The front room is 7 feet by 10 feet and the back room is 11 feet by 10 feet and it is 96 inches tall - that's 8 feet high!  Gives you lots of room to move around without bending over.  The narrow room in the middle is not only good for changing clothes, it can also hold a portable toilet - really handy in the middle of the night!

The walls and doors are almost all mesh giving you maximum ventilation in warm weather.  At the same time, it can all be closed up tight if it is cold.  The rainfly has solid panels that zip in for full coverage.  If it rains, you can leave the mesh windows open and zip in the clear panels so you can still see outside while being protected from wind and rain.

There are 3 doors and 10 windows in this tent.  Two inverted T doors are side by side in the front, making a large entry if you need it - handy for carrying big things inside or even a sleeping child and a third door is in the back so you can go in and out of the back room.  The windows and doors are all mesh to let in the maximum air for good ventilation, but they also have solid, roll-down fabric storm covers that zip in place for good protection from wind and rain or for privacy.

This Eureka Condo Tent is completely free-standing and doesn't need to be staked down unless it is windy.  Putting the end of the tent into the wind helps so it doesn't have so much exposure to the wind.

There are mesh panels in the ceiling that allow for ventilation underneath the rainfly.  If it is going to be a clear night, you might want to leave the rainfly off and look at the stars.  The mesh panel in the back room can be closed if you want. 

The front door doesn't have an awning with the rainfly, so if it rains, you could get water inside - putting a canopy or a tarp over the door will solve that problem. 

This tent is rated to sleep 12 people - but that would be stuffed in like sardines with no room to move around.  It is really good for families up to 8 people - gives you walk-around space without falling over things.  Even though we are down to 2 of us now, we really appreciate all the room in this tent- wouldn't give it up for anything!  You can use the front room as a sitting room with screened walls and be protected from obnoxious flying insects.  The back room will hold 2 queen air mattresses and the front room will hold 2 twin mattresses with walking space in the middle.

It takes a little longer to set up this tent because it is so big - but it is still easy with the umbrella hub style and the color-coded poles.  The way you do it is to lay it out on the ground and attach all the poles to the hub making the frame.  Then remove the bottom section of the poles and set the frame on the tent.  While it is in this lower position, clip the poles to the tent body and lay the rainfly over the top of the tent.  Raise the frame and attach the lower parts of the legs.  Attach the tent and the rainfly to the base and fasten the remaining wall clips.  That's it!  It is easier to have two people to set up than just one, but it can be done.

The walls and rainfly are made with 75 Denier, 1200mm coated polyester fabric and the bathtub floor is made of heavy-duty 210 Denier, 1500mm coated Oxford nylon fabric.  The mesh is all 40 Denier, no-see-um to keep tiny flying creatures outside where they belong.

You have lots of options for ventilation, privacy and warmth because you can open up as much as you want on a warm night or close as much as you want if it is cold.

Because this tent is so big, it is heavy - about 75 pounds.  So take that into consideration - you don't want to pack it too far.

We have found that it is a good idea to zip in the extra panels on the rainfly and zip up the door and window covering before you stake it down, if you are going to do that.  Otherwise, you might get it stretched out so tight that the zippers won't work properly.

If you decide to purchase this Eureka Condo tent, you won't be sorry - it will last you a good long time and you will have the most comfortable little "condo" to sleep in! 


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Enjoy your camping trip!

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