Eureka Copper Canyon Tents

"Awesome Cabin Tents"

Eureka Copper Canyon tents do a great job of keeping you warm and cozy. They also provide lots of ventilation on hot days to keep your tent cool.

These are family tents with high ceilings at reasonable prices.

Eureka currently has 4 tents in their Copper Canyon Style:


Copper Canyon 5 Tent

16 feet by 10 feet by 7 feet tall

2 D-style Doors

6 Large Windows

Sleeps 8 - 5 or 6 is better

Attached Screen Room



Copper Canyon 6 Tent

10 feet by 10 feet by 7 feet tall

Sleeps 6 - 2 to 4 is better

1 D-style Door

4 Large Windows



Copper Canyon 8 Tent

13 feet by 9 feet by 7 feet

2 D-style Doors

6 Large Windows

Removable Divider



Copper Canyon 12 Tent

rated to sleep 12 -8 is better

14 feet by 12 feet by 7 feet tall

2 D-style Doors

6 Large Windows

Removable Divider


Benefits and Features for Eureka Copper Canyon Tents

Sturdy steel vertical poles and flexible fiberglass ceiling poles make this tent stable and strong during inclement weather.

Sleeps up to 12 people - perfect for large families with lots of gear.

Multiple rooms with zippered divider - can pull back like curtains when not using.

Straight up vertical walls give more room for all the extras that you bring along plus wiggle room for sleeping.

75 denier Storm Shield polyester rainfly with 1200mm coating will keep your tent dry during a rain shower.

75 denier polyester walls and bathtub floor with 1200mm coating also help to keep the tent dry.

68 denier no-see-um mesh is the strongest available so you don't have lots of little, bitty bugs flying around.

Self-repairing zippers are great if a zipper breaks.

Side opening doors with twin-track zippers make coming and going easy.

7 foot ceilings accommodate tall campers without stooping.

Storm flaps for windows shut up tight in rain so it doesn't come in.

Zippered Epower port lets you bring an electrical power cord inside if you have need for electricity inside your tent.

Full mesh roofs means lots of fresh air and seeing the stars on a clear night.

Lifetime warranty means you will have the tent for a long time.

All of these benefits plus an attractive look add up to a great tent!

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