A Family Size Camping Tent

"The ultimate camping experience"

Are you confused when looking for a family size camping tent?
So many styles - so many sizes - so many brands - where do I start?

We’ll help you learn about the many different features of a family size camping tent.

One of the really great experiences for a family is sleeping outdoors in a tent.

Camping helps bond families together - the memories and shared experiences will last a lifetime.

Can you just picture it - you are all bedded down in your cozy warm sleeping bags -

  • telling stories
  • reading a good book
  • making hand puppets on the tent wall
  • singing songs
  • identifying stars in the night sky

Then in the morning - it's so bright and crisp and the birds are all singing to welcome the day!

You get out of your warm sleeping bag and hurriedly get dressed.

A cut of hot coffe, tea or hot chocolate soon has you sipping and looking around in wonder - what a beautiful morning!

These are moments you and your family will treasure forever!

Families Need Large Tents

A family size camping tent is usually a large tent.

Lots of space means you have room for:

  • The baby’s extra things

  • The little kids’ toys, books and lots of clothes

  • The bigger kids special things they need to bring along

  • Something you want to have with you

And don’t forget about the family dog - he needs a place to sleep.

My recommendation is to get the largest tent you can afford - extra room is always appreciated.

Warm and Dry is What You Want

A family size camping tent will keep you warm and dry -

  • The rainfly will be made of heavy, waterproof fabric and will cover all the doors and windows so the rain doesn’t come in.
  • The floor will be extra-heavy material and will be waterproof - best if it is a bathtub floor.
  • Lots of windows and vents are needed to prevent condensation from building up inside your tent. Breathing when you are sleeping causes warm moisture to be in the air - when it hit’s the cold walls of the tent condensation is formed. The more people - the more warm air. Some people think their tent is leaking when it is actually condensation.
  • A camping tent heater might be something you want to consider if you are camping where the nights are cold. They are safe to use if you follow the directions and work surprisingly well. You can warm up your tent before going to bed and can also warm it up before you get out of your warm sleeping bag in the morning.

Strong and Stable Is The Word

A family size camping tent needs to be strong and stable - but also easy to set up.

It would not be fun to have your kids sleeping soundly and have the tent collapse.

You also would not want to spend hours putting up your tent - there are lots of fun camping activities just waiting.

Today’s large tents are quite easy and fast to set up - they are also designed with sturdy and stable frames, so those worries can be put to rest.

A Few More Thoughts

A few more thoughts about family camping tents -

  • There should be multiple doors for easy in and out.

  • There should be lots of windows to see out and for ventilation

  • There are basically 3 categories of family size camping tents -

    Dome tents - usually easier and faster to set up - good wind resistance - more slope on the walls, so not as much headroom

    Cabin tents - easiest in and out access - vertical walls give more space- can be multiple rooms - large windows - more comfort Features

    Combination dome and cabin tents - give you the best of both worlds

  • Mesh ceilings provide good ventilation - without the rainfly on, you can gaze at the stars.

  • It’s always a good idea to put a footprint or tarp under your tent - protects your tent floor from tears and abrasion - also give extra protection from ground water - remember to always have your tarp a bit smaller than your tent floor.

  • Some Good Family Tents

    Eureka Condo Tent:

  • Sleeps 12
  • dimensions 20 feet by 10.5 feet by 8.5 feet high
  • strong aluminum poles
  • attached screen room
  • easy set up.

  • Coleman Weathermaster 10 tent:

  • Sleeps 10
  • dimensions 17 feet by 9 feet by 80 inches high
  • can be 3 rooms with divider
  • hinged front door
  • easy set up.

  • Eureka Copper Canyon 12 Tent:

  • Sleeps 12
  • dimensions 14 feet by 12 feet by 7 feet high
  • removable divider for 2 rooms
  • combination dome and cabin style
  • lifetime warranty.

  • Gigatent Mt Springer Tent:

  • Sleeps 10
  • dimensions 15 feet by 10 feet by 80 inches
  • attached screen room with floor
  • combination cabin and dome style
  • 3 year warranty.

  • Wenzel Kodiak Tent:

  • Sleeps 9
  • dimensions 14 feet by 14 feet by 7 feet
  • divider for 2 rooms
  • combination dome and cabin style
  • budget friendly price.

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