Flathead National Forest Campgrounds

The Flathead National Forest is located in Northwestern Montana and is part of the Rocky Mountains. There are 3 major wilderness areas in this forest - Bob Marshall Wilderness, Great Bear Wilderness and Mission Mountain Wilderness. This forest contains the well-known Jewel Basin hiking area and is comprised of 2.3 million acres of scenic beauty.

 Flathead National Forest camping is some of the best in the country!


There are 5 ranger districts managing the campgrounds in the Flathead  Forest:




Camping at Lid Creek in Flathead National Forest

Hungry Horse Ranger District

  • Emery Bay Campground - 5 miles south of Martin City - 26 sites - fee area - secluded sites overlooking Hungry Horse reservoir
  • Murray Bay Campground - 22 miles south of Martin City - 18 sites - fee area - in fir and larch trees on the east shores of Hungry Horse reservoir
  • Devil’s Corkscrew Campground - 37 miles south of Martin City - 4 sites - no charge - east side of Hungry Horse reservoir
  • Lost Johnny Camp - 9 miles south of Hungry Horse - 5 sites - fee area - heavily forested with secluded sites
  • Lost Johnny Point Campground - 10 miles south of Hungry Horse - 21 sites - fee area - secluded sites, huckleberries on hillsides
  • Lid Creek Campground - 15 miles south of Hungry Horse - 23 sites - fee area - lots of trees and huckleberries nearby
  • Lakeview Campground - 24 miles south of Hungry Horse - 5 sites - no charge
  • Handkerchief Lake Campground - 35 miles south of Hungry Horse - 9 sites - no charge - heavy timber on the lake shore
  • Graves Bay Campground - 35 miles south of Hungry Horse - 10 sites - no charge
  • Elk Island Campground - 16 miles south of Hungry Horse - 7 sites - no charge - boat only access
  • Fire Island Campground - 16 miles south of Hungry Horse - 4 sites - no charge - boat access only
  • Devil Creek Campground - 44 miles south of Hungry Horse - 14 sites - fee area - next to Great Bear Wilderness

Spotted Bear Campground in Flathead National Forest

Spotted Bear Ranger District

Tally Lake Campsite in the Flathead National Forest

Tally Lake Ranger District

Red Meadow Lake Campground in Flathead Forest

Glacier View Ranger District

Swan Lake Campground Flathead National Forest

Swan Lake Ranger District

1. Emery Bay
2. Murray Bay
3. Devil's Corkscrew
4. Lost Johnny Camp
5. Lost Johnny Point
6. Lid Creek
7. Lakeview
8. Handkerchief Lake
9. Graves Bay
10. Elk Island
11. Fire Island
12. Devil Creek
13. Peter's Creek
14. Beaver Creek
15. Spotted Bear

16. Tally Lake
17. Sylvia Lake
18. Stillwater Lake
19. Ashley Lake North
20. Ashley Lake South
21. Ashley Lake Boat
22. Big Creek
23. Tuchuck
24. Moose Lake
25. Red Meadow Lake
26. Swan Lake
27. Holland Lake
28. Lindbergh Lake
29. Owl Creek Packer Campg



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