GrillPro 41555 Stainless Steel
Pepper Roasting Rack For Grill 

Use the GrillPro 41555 stainless steel pepper roasting rack for grill to make the most incredible jalapeno poppers you can imagine.

Surprise everyone with the awesome appetizers you make with this handy grill rack.

They will ooh and aah over what a great chef you are when you use this roasting rack to grill those heavenly peppers.



Benefits and Features

This pepper roasting rack holds 24 peppers.

It is sturdy and well made of stainless steel.

No more burning fingers when you use the included stainless steel corer - plus it makes it really easy to prepare them.

Bigger peppers fit on this rack, unlike some whose holes are too small - if the peppers are too skinny for this rack, just hold up with toothpicks.

This rack is easy to clean and can go in the dishwasher.

You can roast other vegetable between the peppers if you want.

This pepper rack keeps the peppers from burning when you grill them.

Roasting gives peppers a great flavor and mellows the hotness - plus they are so good for you.

What a treat to have on a camping trip - surprise everyone!

If your fingers are very sensitive, you might want to wear disposable gloves when preparing and never touch your eyes with your fingers.

Stuff these with your favorite fillings and you will have appetizers to die for!

This GrillPro rack is just the ticket for fixing these awesome jalapeno peppers.

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Enjoy your awesome jalapeno poppers cooked on this GrillPro 41555 Stainless Steel Pepper Roasting Rack for fhe Grill!




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