GrillPro 50937 Universal

You will love having this GrillPro 50937 Universal Led BBQ Q lite when you have to grill food in the dark.

Maybe you got a late start - or everyone was having too much fun and you forgot to start cooking - or you didn't get to your campsite until after dark and now everyone is hungry.

Whatever the reason - this grill light will come to the rescue so you can see how much the meat is cooking so it doesn't burn or come off under-done.



Benefits and Features

There are 5 LED lights in the pivoting head.

This light fits most grills on the handle where it is out of the way.

It gives a very bright light that will light up the entire grill surface.

You'll find it easy to fasten on with extra spacers included to make a tight, snug fit.

The 360 degree pivoting head will let you aim the light wherever you need it so your food can be cooked just right.

Batteries are included with this light.

This type of light beats the gooseneck styles for lighting up the whole grill.

If your grill has a handle that turns, so will your light - so you can just put a shim in the handle to hold it in place.

No more need for trying to hold a flashlight while you check your meat on the grill.


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Happy Camping!

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