Helena National Forest Campgrounds

The Helena National Forest is located in West Central Montana and surrounds the capital city of Helena. This forest is full of ancient Indian cliff paintings and remains of early day mining. There are close to a million acres here of wonderful scenery and recreational opportunities.


Three ranger districts manage the campgrounds in this forest.


Helena Ranger District

  • Coulter Campground - 18 miles north of Helena - 7 sites - no charge - access to campground is by boat or trail only
  • Cromwell Dixon Campground - 15 miles west of Helena - 15 sites - fee area - a convenient stop for travelers on hiway 12
  • Kading Campground - 14 miles southeast of Elliston - 10 sites - fee area - next to Little Blackfoot River
  • Moose Creek Campground - 14 miles southwest of Helena - 9 sites - fee area - next to Tenmile Creek
  • Park Lake Campground - 28 miles south of Helena - 22 sites - fee area - among pines and boulders next to the lake
  • Vigilante Campground - 32 miles northeast of Helena - 18 sites - fee area - among trees next to Trout Creek

Cromwell Dixon Campground

Townsend Ranger District

  • Skidway Campground - 20 miles east of Townsend - 13 sites - no charge - lots of trees and wildflowers on a hillside

Skidway Campground


Lincoln Ranger District

Camping in Aspen Grove Campground




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