Kootenai National Forest Campgrounds

The Kootenai National Forest is located in far Northwest Montana and extends into Idaho. These 2.2 million acres also include the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness. 


Lake Koocanusa, created by Libby Dam flows for 90 miles through the Kootenai forest. The rugged terrain with high craggy peaks are abounding with wild flowers and wild berries.  


This forest is an outdoor person’s dream with hiking, fishing, horseback riding and camping everywhere.



The Kootenai National Forest has 5 ranger districts to service the US forest service campgrounds located here.

Rexford Ranger District of Kootenai Forest

Camping at Rexford Bench in Kootenai National Forest



Fortine Ranger District of Kootenai National Forest

Camping at Big Therriault Lake Kootenai National Forest

Three Rivers Ranger District of Kootenai Forest

Yaak River Campsite Kootenai National Forest

Libby Ranger District of Kootenai Forest

  • Barron Creek Campground - 28 miles northwest of Libby - 7 sites - no charge - next to Koocanusa Lake
  • Loon Lake Campground - 18 miles northwest of Libby - 4 sites - no charge - sites on the lake shore
  • Timberland Campground - 8 miles north of Libby - 11 sites - fee for the entire campground, not just a site - next to Pipe Creek
  • McGillivray Campground - 24 miles northeast of Libby - 50 sites - fee area - next to Lake Koocanusa and 7 miles above Libby Dam
  • Howard Lake Campground - 26 miles south of Libby - 9 sites - fee area - heavily forested and close to the lake
  • Lake Creek Campground - 27 miles south of Libby - 4 sites - no charge - close to Cabinet Mountains Wilderness and 4 creeks
  • Sylvan Lake Campground - 43 miles southeast of Libby - 5 sites - no charge - on the lake shore in thick trees
  • McGregor Lake Campground - 32 miles southwest of Kalispell - 22 sites - fee area - sites close to the lake

McGregor Lake Campsite Kootenai National Forest

Cabinet Ranger District of Kootenai National Forest

Campsite at Big Eddy Kootenai National Forest

Kootenai National Forest Campgrounds Map

1. Gateway Boat Camp
2. Swisher Lake
3. Tobacco Plains
4. Rexford Bench
5. Tobacco River
6. Camp 32
7. Peck Gulch
8. Rocky Gorge
9. Little Therriault Lake
10. Big Therriault Lake
11. Rock Lake
12. Grave Creek
13. North Dickey Lake
14. South Dickey Lake
15. Caribou
16. Pete Creek
17. Whitetail
18. Red Top
19. Yaak Falls
20. Kilbrennan Lake

21. Yaak River
22. Spar Lake
23. Dorr Skeels
24. Ross Creek Picnic Area
25. Bad Medicine
26. Loon Lake
27. Timberland Picnic Shelter
28. Barron Creek Boating Site
29. McGillivray
30. Howard Lake
31. Lake Creek
32. Sylvan Lake
33. McGreggor Lake
34. Big Eddy
35. Bull River
36. Triangle Pond
37. Marten Creek
38. North Shore
39. Willow Creek




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