Montana Forest Service Cabins and Fire Lookout Towers to Rent 

If you have not rented a forest service cabin or fire lookout before, you are in for a special treat!  This could be the best vacation you will ever have and a most unique experience.


These cabins and towers are usually rustic without electricity or running water, but they are in spectacular areas that few people ever see.  You will be all alone with the wild animals wandering about. 


Take a step back in time and check out these cabins and lookouts to rent.

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Beaverhead Forest Service Cabins

Butte Ranger District Cabins

Fleecer Cabin

High Rye Cabin 

Madison Ranger District Cabins

Antone Cabin

Bear Creek Bunkhouse

Bear Creek Cabin

Black Butte Cabin

Notch Cabin

Vigilante Middle House

Wall Creek Cabin

West Fork Cabin

Dillon Ranger District Cabins

Birch Creek Cabin

Bloody Dick Cabin

Horse Prairie Guard Station

Pintler Ranger District Cabins

Doney Lake Cabin

Douglas Creek Cabin

Moose Lake Guard Station

Racetrack Cabin

Stony Cabin

West Fork of Rock Creek Cabin

Wisdom Ranger District Cabins

Gordon Reese Cabin

Hogan Cabin

May Creek Cabin

Twin Lakes Cabin

Jefferson Ranger District Cabin

Hells Canyon Guard Station

Wise River Ranger District Cabin

Canyon Creek Cabin

Bitterroot Forest Service Cabins and Lookouts

Sula Ranger District 

East Fork Guard Station

McCart Lookout

Medicine Point Lookout

Twogood Cabin

Darby Ranger District 

Gird Point Lookout

Woods Cabin

Custer Forest Service Cabins

Beartooth Ranger District Cabin

Meyers Cabin

Flathead Forest Service Cabins and Lookouts

Glacier View Ranger District Cabins and Lookouts

Ben Rover Cabin

Ford Cabin

Hornet Lookout

Ninko Cabin

Schnaus Cabin

Wurtz Cabin

Swan Lake Ranger District Cabins and Lookouts

Mission Lookout

Old Condon Ranger Station

Owl Creek Cabin

Swan Guard Station

Hungry Horse Ranger District Cabins

Challenge Cabin

Zip's Place Cabin 

Spotted Bear Ranger District Cabin

Silvertip Cabin

Tally Lake Ranger District Cabin

Star Meadows Guard Station 

Gallatin Forest Service Cabins and Lookouts

Bozeman Ranger District Cabins and Lookouts

Battle Ridge Cabin

Fox Creek Cabin

Garnet Mountain Lookout

Little Bear Cabin

Maxey Cabin

Mystic Lake Cabin

Spanish Creek Cabin

Window Rock Cabin

Windy Pass Cabin

Yellow Mule Cabin 

Yellowstone Ranger District Cabins 

Big Creek Cabin

Crandell Creek Cabin

Deer Creek Cabin

Fourmile Cabin

Ibex Cabin

Mill Creek Cabin

Porcupine Cabin

Trail Creek Cabin

West Boulder Cabin

West Bridger Cabin

Hebgen Lake District Cabins

Basin Station Cabin

Beaver Creek Cabin

Cabin Creek Cabin

Wapiti Cabin

Helena Forest Service Cabins

Helena  Ranger District Cabins

Indian Flats Cabin

Kading Cabin

Moose Creek Cabin

Townsend Ranger District

Bar Gulch Cabin

Eagle Guard Cabin

Rillway Cabin

Lincoln Ranger District

Cummings Cabin

Kootenai Forest Service Cabins and Lookouts

Yaak Ranger District Cabins and Lookouts

Garver Mountain Lookout

Mount Baldy Buckhorn Mountain Lookout

Upper Ford Ranger Station

Yaak Mountain Lookout

Koocanusa Ranger District Lookouts

McGuire Mountain Lookout 

Webb Mountain Lookout

Big Creek Baldy Lookout

Clark Fork River Ranger District Cabins and Lookouts

Bull River Guard Station

Gem Peak Lookout

Sex Peak Lookout

Tobacco Ranger Station Lookout

Mt. Wam Lookout

Lolo Forest Service Cabins and Lookouts

Superior Ranger District Cabins and Lookouts

Savenac Bunkhouse

Savenac Cookhouse

Savenac West Cottage

Thompson Peak Lookout

Up Up 40 Foot Lookout Tower

Thompson Falls Ranger District Cabin and Lookout

Bend Guard Station

Cougar Peak Lookout

Rock Creek Ranger District Cabins

Hogback Homestead

Morgan-Case Homestead

Seeley Lake Ranger District Cabin

Monture Guard Station

Lolo Ranger Station Lookout

West Fork Butte Lookout



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