Additional Outdoor Camping Supplies

Outdoor Camping Supplies: You and your family have decided to take a camping vacation this year - get away from the busy life of the city and enjoy Mother Nature. You have rounded up all the equipment you need - tent, sleeping bags, camp stove, cooking utensils and other camping necessities.

That's good! But there are a few other things you might want to take with you - they aren't essential items, but you might enjoy having some of these additional outdoor camping supplies and packing them with your things to take camping.

Camping Screen Tents

One of the things that we always take with us when we go camping is a portable screen house tent. You never know when you will be bombarded with flying bugs - what a relief to get away from them! These screen tents are so nice - you can see out on all sides and still be outdoors without the bugs. They even provide some protection from the hot sun and from the rain - and if you have small children, you will find them really helpful.

Another item to add to your outdoor camping supplies that is similar and also very helpful are camping canopies. They will give you relief from the hot sun and will also keep the rain off you. The nice thing about a camping canopy is the fact that extra side panels are available and you can put them up easily for even more protection - especially if it is windy. I like to put a canopy over the picnic table and then if it is really hot, you have some nice shade and your food won't get wet if you have an unexpected rain shower. It is also good to put one over your camp stove and camping grill.

Almost Like Home

One thing you might miss when you are tent camping is your daily shower - this is easily taken care of with a portable camping shower and a portable shower enclosure added to your outdoor camping supplies. They are so easy to set up and you will find different methods of heating water - whether you use the sun or propane.

No need to use the bushes for a bathroom - just take along a portable camp toilet. Put it inside a toilet tent and you have all the comforts of home - well almost!

But it sure beats the alternative and these are great additions to your outdoor camping supplies.

Cool, Clear Water

When you are camping in the boonies, sometimes it is difficult to take along enough drinking water - and we all know you don't drink out of the nearby creek, even if it is sparkling clear! That's when a camping water filter comes in handy - no more worries about getting that dreaded giarrdia!

I know some people who take along a water filter for their camper or RV, as well - never have to worry about the water you are putting in your tank.

Camping Chairs Are Important

We always take plenty of camping chairs when we go camping - they are so handy - sitting by the campfire - watching the kids play in the water - sitting with a fishing pole on the bank of the river - playing games - visiting - or just relaxing in one of the reclining camp chairs.

Folding camp tables go right along with the chairs for a lot of things like playing cards or games or eating. You can also use them to set your camp stove and camping grill on and to prepare food.

These are both good additions to your outdoor camping supplies.

Camping Coolers Are A Necessity

Because you need to keep your food cold, I guess a camping cooler would be considered a necessity. The only time it wouldn't be is when you are staying in a camper and you have a propane refrigerator.

Even then, it is handy to have a cooler so you can keep your drinks cold.

You can find coolers in many sizes and shapes from a 6 pack cooler to a very large one with wheels. You can also find a 12 volt cooler that doesn't require ice.

More Good Outdoor Camping Supplies

Camping shovels are some of the most useful items in your outdoor camping supplies. You can use them to - dig a trench around your tent - dig up worms to go fishing - stir up the fire to make it burn better - rake out some coals from the fire to cook on - just a few suggestions of many.

And you don't want to forget a camping axe - you might want to split some wood for a campfire or cut up some kindling.

An often overlooked item is a camping heater. If you are camping in cold weather, you might want one to warm up your tent. You can also build a shelter with tarps and warm it up nicely with a camping heater.

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