Outdoor Lanterns Will Light Up Your Campsite

People forget how dark it can be when you are camping - no street lights, no neon signs, no unending streams of vehicle lights.

But you can see millions of stars without all those lights!

Because it is so dark out there, it is nice to be able to have a warm glow from outdoor lanterns to light up your immediate camping area.

We had the coolest experience with camping lanterns - our family was camping close to Glacier Park and we were sitting around the campfire singing songs to the accompaniment of a guitar.

We had a gas lantern burning so we could read the lyrics of the songs - suddendly a doe deer appeared right at the edge of the lantern light and she just stood watching us. She stayed right there for the longest time and then she finally turned and slowly walked away. None of us will ever forget that night!

Camping outdoor lanterns also provide light for playing cards or games on a picnic table before turning in for the night.

What Kind Of Lantern Should I Have?

Depending on your wants and needs for camping activities, you will find many choices of camping outdoor lanterns in all price ranges - they all have different advantages.

Gas camping lanterns will provide the brightest light and are the most economical. You will find these in 3 different models - white gas lanterns, propane lanterns or a dual fuel lantern. You can also get a kerosene lantern - I don't recommend those because they are smoky and dirty - but they are available if that is what you want.

Battery operated lanterns are the safest to use and are good for tents, but their light isn't as bright outside. They also come in 3 styles depending on their lights - LED lanterns, fluorescent lantern and incandescent lanterns. Some battery lanterns are rechargeable and some are self-charging by winding up the crank. These lanterns are safe and easy for children to operate.

Some other camping lanterns you will find are:

  • Camping candle lanterns - no batteries or fuel
  • Solar powered lanterns - no batteries or fuel
  • Thermacell lanterns - chase away mosquitoes

If you plan to go hiking and camping, you probably want to look at backpacking lanterns. Obviously, you want one that is extremely light, but also gives sufficient light. Candle lanterns fit backpacking requirements as do some battery lanterns and butane lanterns.

Two popular backpacking lanterns are:

  • Camping gaz lanterns
  • Primus lanterns

Coleman Lanterns - The Most Popular

Coleman lanterns are without a doubt the most well-known for outdoor lanterns - that's how the Coleman company got started more than a hundred years ago. Coleman is famous for its good customer service and their guarantee for products they sell. You will have no problem getting Coleman lantern replacement parts if you need them.

Some of the Coleman lanterns that are available:

  • Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern
  • Coleman Rechargeable Lanterns
  • Coleman Propane Lantern
  • Coleman Kerosene Lantern
  • Coleman Lamps

Camping Awning Lights Are Fun!

These are not outdoor lanterns, but they are so much fun, I wanted to tell you about them. They come in so many designs, it is difficult to list them all. Some run on batteries and some you have to plug in to electric power.

The cool thing is these aren't just for campers - they can be put on a tent, a screen house, a canopy tent, or even strung in the trees. They are just a lot of fun to have.

I hope this information on camping outdoor lanterns will help you decide which ones will work best for you.

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