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RV campers can have all the comforts of home, while enjoying the great outdoors when camping in Montana.  This is such a great way to enjoy family vacations.

If you don't like the idea of sleeping on the ground with the creepy-crawlies or you don't relish the thought of a bear nosing around your tent, then rv camping is for you.

Or maybe you don't like the idea of giving up your daily shower and you like using your own bathroom - that's all right there for you too!

l love this cooler!!

Has an easy access zipperless flip open lid

Smart shelf for sandwiches

RV Campers Have It So Convenient

How convenient can it be - just put some food in the refrigerator, grab some clothes and off you go. We even keep camping clothes in our trailer - I wash them and put them back in it. Many times we have gone camping on a spur of the moment - nothing to it!

You do have to be more careful where you go with an RV compared to tent camping - they can be very difficult to turn around and back up, to say nothing about just being big!

A solution that we found - if we are unsure about a place we want to go to, we will park somewhere close, unhook our fifth wheel and go check it out. It saves a lot of time in the end and then you can proceed with no worries.

You will find a large range of campsites and campgrounds in Montana for RV campers - from a small primitive site with no facilities to a luxurious motor home resort with all the amenities.

RV campers will find a trailer or motor home to be really nice if you are camping in wet weather - none of the worries about keeping your sleeping bag dry inside your tent or staying warm if you have prolonged rain.

They are also a big help if you are camping with kids. Everything they need is right there handy - no need to go outside if it isn't nice or if the mosquitoes are a bother.

Don't get me wrong - we love to go tent camping, but there are also times when RV campers are just the ticket.

Some Extra Camping RV Supplies Are Nice To Bring Along

You have everything you need inside your RV campers, but if you're like us - we like to be outside.

One of the best extra camping supply items to have along with you is a camping screen tent - those mosquitoes can be a real nuisance!

It is so nice when you can get inside one of these and be away from them - you can still see everything around you and you also have a nice breeze blowing through.

Camping screen tents are also good shelter from the blazing sun or a sudden rain storm.

Another thing we like to take are folding camp tables along with folding outdoor chairs - all set up for a card game. (Don't forget the cards.)

A camp stove is a great thing to bring along - you can cook bacon without getting your rv stove dirty.

It also is handy if you are an early riser and you want to make coffee without waking up everybody.

A charcoal or propane grill is a good thing to have too - meat tastes so good when it is grilled!

Speaking of coffee - there are many different kinds of camping coffee pots.

Whatever type you like best - there are percolator coffee pots, a drip camping coffee maker, a stainless steel coffee press, a coffee press mug and my favorite - a camping espresso maker.

A cup of steaming coffee on a cool, crisp morning is special for RV campers, as well as others.

Camp lanterns are good if you plan to be out after dark.

We like to sing songs around the campfire at night, so we need a portable lantern to see our campfire song lyrics. Don't forget flashlights.

Lanterns light up the area around your campsite, so if you are wandering around - it will help to see things so you don't fall over them.

Some Best Camping Tips For RV Campers

  • If you empty a propane tank when you are out camping, don't forget to fill it when you get home.
  • Take some extra jugs of water - if your battery goes dead (who knows why) you will still have water - even works in the biffy!
  • Be certain to unplug your trailer after you get parked - your pickup battery will be dead in the morning if you forget!
  • Watch out for low hanging branches when you are parking.
  • Remember to close the roof vents if it starts to rain.
  • Remember to fill your water tank before leaving home.
  • Remember to bring a flashlight - it gets dark out there.
  • Don't forget to bring coffee!

Don't even ask why I know about these things!


Some other helpful tips for RV campers:

When it comes time to drain your holding tanks - drain the black water first and leave the valve open while draining your gray water. This helps to flush out the black tank.

Heavy duty RV batteries hold a charge longer than standard batteries. Charge them up good before you leave home and anytime you drive for an hour or more, they should re-charge. If you will be spending a few days in the same spot, running a generator for 2 hours a day will keep your batteries charged. It is best to run it before the batteries discharge too much. We have gone for 2 weeks doing this and it works really well.

Roll up your awnings if the wind starts to come up - awnings are notoriously weak in the wind and can get permanently damaged. They can be difficult to put up if the wind is strong, so it is better to do it when the wind first starts to blow or if the weatherman says it is going to. We always put ours up before we go to bed also - it's not much fun to do it in the middle of the night!

Carry a small step ladder with you - helps if you need to attend to something high up or wash a window - or get into the back of the pickup.

To save on your battery when it is cold - bring extra blankets and turn the furnace off when you go to bed. Turn it on again in the morning and wait for about 10 minutes - will be nice and warm.

Turn on your refrigerator for a couple of hours before you want to put food in it. Then it will already be cold and food won't get too warm - frozen food will stay frozen too.

If you are in a campground with electrical hookups, turn your refrigerator and hot water to the electric setting - will save on propane.

Every vehicle has a towing limit - know yours and don't pull more than is safe. Full water tanks or full holding tanks add considerably to the weight.

It Takes All Kinds

RV campers refers to anything that has your bed enclosed and is on wheels.

Pop Up Tent Trailers
- have a base that looks like a box - the sides pop up - the ends pull out with canvas sides and windows and a bed - lightweight with a low profile and can be pulled with a car or SUV.

Popup Truck Campers
- fits in the bed of the pickup and extends over the cab with a bed - all the furnishing of other campers - table makes another bed - tight, but comfy.

Motor Homes
- trailer and towing all in one unit - no hitching or unhitching - most expensive RV to buy, maintain and drive - the "cadillac" of RV campers.

  • Class A - looks like a bus - has all the comforts of home - can be quite large and luxurious.
  • Class B - a conversion van that looks like a mini motorhome - efficient with little set up.
  • Class C - has a bed over the cab - drives like a van - all the amenities of a class A.

Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers
- heavy duty pickup or truck to pull - hitch mounted in the bed of the vehicle - easy to tow - separate bedroom over the hitch - tall ceilings - lots of storage.

RV Travel Trailer
- also called a bumper pull camping trailer - requires a heavy duty pickup - comes in a wide range of sizes and prices.

Toy Hauler Camper
- has a garage with a fold down door in the back or side - holds 4 wheelers, motorcycles, etc. - living area is in front.

No matter which kind you choose, they all have the same purpose - comfort while camping.

Campgrounds will accommodate all of these styles - if you have one over 20 feet long you might want to check to be sure you fit. Trailers were a lot smaller when the forest service was making a lot of their campgrounds.

Don't Let It Freeze!

If you live in an area where it freezes in the winter, you will want to winterize your rv. If you neglect this important task, the pipes will freeze and you will be looking at a major expense to fix it.

It really isn't that difficult to do yourself or you can take it to an rv dealer and they will do it for about $50 - $75.

Easy Camping Meals? You bet!

Camping meals are not only easy to fix - they are so good! You don't have to limit yourself to cooking inside your rv either.

Outdoor Campfire Cooking is a lot of fun - even a hot dog cooked on a campfire fork is something special. Cooking on coals and making tin foil dinners is my favorite way of camp cooking - so easy to do and so yummy!

Dutch oven camp cooking is another way of making good food for camping. There are so many good dutch oven camping recipes - you will want to try them all! Who knows - you might even become famous!

Check out some of our Easy Camping Recipes - you're sure to find some you love!

I hope you enjoy belonging to the world of RV campers - maybe we'll meet along the road somewhere!



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