Tent Camping Checklist

"A Tent Camping Checklist Will Save The Day"

Do you have a tent camping checklist?

Just imagine - after lots of excitement and preparation - you arrive at your campsite! You spend the day having such a good time exploring the area - you have a fantastic meal and then enjoy a magnificent campfire.

Now you get ready to crawl into your warm and cozy sleeping bag - whoops! You discover that you have forgotten the medication that you are supposed to take before you go to bed.

Maybe a tent camping checklist would have helped!

Or go back to earlier in the evening - you and the kids have gathered a bunch of firewood in anticipation of a warm, crackling fire - when you go to light it - no matches or lighter are to be found!

Maybe a tent camping checklist...

If you are in a campground where there are other people - you can probably find a match, but if you are in the boonies - you are out of luck!

So much frustration can be avoided with a tent camping checklist - that being said - we have tried to make this tent camping checklist complete.

There can always be something that applies only to you and is not on the list - for example, a sleep machine. So if you need something special - be sure to add it to your tent camping checklist.

____ Tent - your home away from home

____Tent Poles - you need these to hold up your tent

____Tent Stakes - if it's windy, they hold up your tent

____Extra Tent Stakes - if your stakes break

____Ground Cloth - helps to keep your tent dry

____Rain Fly - keeps the rain out

____Rain Fly Poles - these are separate from tent poles

____Rain Fly Stakes - you want sturdy ones

____ Sleeping Bags - comfy and warm

____Pillows - take your favorite pillow along

____Air Mattresses - makes for a good night’s sleep

____Extra Blankets - mountain nights can be cold

____Inside Door Mat - keeps mud out of the tent

____Outside Door Mat - helps to keep the inside clean

____Cots - if you don’t want to sleep on the ground

____Broom - sweep the inside of the tent

____Dust Pan - to pick up what you sweep

____Fly Swatter - kill those pesky flying bugs

____Repair Kit for Air Mattress - no flat mattress

____Repair Kit for Tent - when things go wrong

____Seam Sealant - helps to keep your tent dry

____Tent Heater - when it gets cold at night

____Battery Lantern - never take a gas lantern inside your tent

____Extra Batteries for Lantern - don’t be in the dark

____Flashlight - for that trip at night to the bathroom

____Extra Batteries for Flashlight - always have an extra

____Headlamps - so handy when you need to use both hands

____Plastic Tubs - to store shoes and all kinds of things in

____ Propane Lantern - no street lights when camping

____Lantern Hanger - you need some place to put your lantern

____Extra Mantles - they break really easy

____Extra Globe - if it breaks, lantern doesn't work

____Propane Campfire - when real campfires aren't allowed

____Folding Table - a place to prepare meals

____Folding Card Table - take time to play

____Folding Chairs - move then anywhere you want

____Folding Recliner Chairs - you need to relax

____Canopy Tent - for sun protection, as well as rain

____ Screen Tent - a place to get away from mosquitoes

____Shower Tent - a place to put a portable shower

____Portable Shower - you can still have your hot shower

____Toilet Tent - a place to put a portable toilet

____Portable Toilet - no need to use the bushes

____Chemicals for Portable Toilet - take the smells away

____Bags for Portable Toilet - makes it easy to empty

____Toilet Paper - no need to explain

____Axe - for chopping wood

____Saw - sometimes you need to saw wood

____Hatchet - for chopping kindling

____Shovel - handy for so many things

____Bucket - useful for carrying water

____Hammock - nice place to have a nap

____Tarps - when you need to keep something dry

____Rope - use for fastening tents, tarps, etc.

____Clothes Line - for when you need to dry wet clothes

____Clothes Pins - fasten the clothes on the line

____Trash Bags - useful for laundry too

____Personal Items - you need to take care of yourself

____ Food - you need to eat

____ Dutch Oven - classic cooking for camping

____Dutch Oven Table - instead of the ground

____Dutch Oven Lid Lifter - no ashes in food

____Campfire Grate - need this for cooking on a campfire

____Campfire Tripod - useful for a dutch oven or other cooking

____ Propane Grill - grilled food is easy

____ Charcoal Grill - charcoal grilling taste so good

____ Camp Stove - when you don’t want to cook on the campfire

____Propane Canisters - fuel for that camp stove

____Bulk Propane Tank - more economical than canisters

____Propane Tree - to hook up two things to the bulk tank

____Propane Hose - to fasten the tree to the stove or lantern

____Cooking Pans - for cooking on the camp stove

____Cast Iron Skillets - best camp cookware

____Cast Iron Griddle - for those delicious pancakes

____Turner - to flip those pancakes

____Spatula - to clean out the mixing bowl

____Long Handled Utensils - when you're cooking on the fire

____Charcoal Briquettes - for cooking in your charcoal grill

____Charcoal Chimney - easy way to start charcoal

____Charcoal Lighter - if you don’t want to use a chimney

____Pie Irons - cast iron pans for cooking on coals

____Hot Dog Forks - cooking your hot dog on the campfire

____Marshmallow Forks - for roasting that perfect marshmallow

____Cooking Utensils - for cooking on the campfire or camp stove

____Coffee Pot, Filters - camping coffee is awesome

____Tea Kettle - works for tea and hot chocolate

____Ladle - for dishing up ham and beans or stew

____Coolers - keep food and drinks cold

____Block Ice - lasts longer

____Ice Cubes - good to put in drinks

____Knives - all kinds of sharp knives

____Can Opener - can’t open a can without it

____Aluminum Foil - for cooking on the campfire coals

____Pot Holders - to handle those hot pans

____Cutting Board - surprising how useful one of these can be

____Peeler - peeling carrots and potatoes

____Serving Spoons - to serve up your delicious camping food

____Whisk - mixing up eggs or a cake

____Paper towels - use them all the time

____Matches - light campfire

____Flint Striker - light camp stove or lantern without a flame

____Butane Lighter - Use to light stove, lantern or campfire

____Newspapers - For lighting campfire or charcoal chimney

____Water Filter - If you are unsure about water

____Corkscrew - For that before-dinner bottle of wine

____Bottle Opener - Some beer bottles do not have screw-off tops

____Pet Supplies - Your dog or cat need some things too

Use our tent camping checklist and have a wonderful time on your camping trip!

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