Tents And Camping
In Montana

Tents and camping in Montana just seem to go together - camping in a tent gives you special bonding moments with precious memories you will never forget.

With prices so high on everything, tent camping makes it possible for you to have cheap family vacations! You don't have to pay a lot to stay in a hotel - you don't have to buy costly restaurant meals - you don't have to put out a lot of money for entertainment!

Even though we now have a 5th wheel trailer for spending the winters in Arizona, we still love camping in a tent - it is so special!


Tents and camping in Montana means...


  • snuggling up close together in a cozy, snug fabric house

  • the soothing, relaxing sound of a nearby stream lulling you to sleep

  • making hand puppet shadows on the tent wall

  • reading in bed by the mellow light of a lantern

  • telling funny ghost stories after the lights are out

  • falling asleep to the mysterious sounds of bullfrogs talking to each other

  • waking up to the sound of birds singing a joyous song to welcome the day

  • drinking a hot, steaming cup of coffee in the cool, fresh mountain air

  • making smores while sitting around a mesmerizing campfire

Sleeping in tents and camping in Montana could easily be one of your favorite family vacations.

tents and camping - coleman ten

Camping In A Tent :
Fun Affordable Family Vacations

More and more, people are realizing that tents and camping are perfect for inexpensive family vacations. Even if you don't have camping equipment, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to buy what you need. The basics that you will need are a tent, a ground tarp, a sleeping bag and air mattress, a lantern, a camp stove and coolers.

One really good benefit of camping in a tent is that you can find many, many places for free tent camping. Even if you stay in national forest service campgrounds, the fees are very low.

Did you know you can even stay in RV parks with a tent - maybe you want an electrical hook up - or to be able to use the showers?


Some of the tent styles available for you:

  • pop up camping tents: so easy to set up - unfold, stake down floor and lock the legs - that's it!
  • cabin style tents: will sleep 4 to 10 people- some have multi rooms - high ceilings with tall, fairly straight walls - some have screened rooms - good for families
  • light dome tent: self-standing - easy and fast set up - ultralight fabric and flexible poles - perfect backpacking tent
  • ultra light tent: for backpacking, motorcycle and bicycle camping - be careful of extra weight of poles and stakes - take the smallest tent for the number of people
  • camo dome tent: blends into wooded areas - usually smaller and lighter weight for packing on your back or on a horse - easy and fast set up - perfect for hunters
  • family size camping tent: sleeps up to ten people, of course that is side by side with no room between - usually have room dividers - some have screen rooms - some have 2 doors - a good tent for families is a Coleman cabin tent

The Extras Really Do Matter

If you have room to pack them, here are some good additional items you might consider for tents and camping:

  • Camping Screen Tent - so good for getting away from mosquitoes, flies and other flying creatures - lets air flow through the mesh and you can see in all directions - good shelter from sun and rain also.

  • Reclining Camping Chairs - so comfortable you can fall asleep in them - perfect for reading.

  • Portable Folding Table - handy for a camp stove, preparing food, serving food, washing dishes - also good for playing cards and games.

  • Heavy Duty Folding Chair - use to sit at a table or around the campfire - maybe also to sit by a lake or river.

  • Portable Camping Shower - no need to miss your daily shower - combine it with a camping shower enclosure and it's almost like home!

  • Portable Camping Toilet - put it inside a camping toilet tent - no need to use the bushes!

  • 100 LED Flashlight - gives good, bright light - it's easy to forget how dark is gets when you are camping - keeps you from falling over something in the dark.

  • Head Flashlights - when you need to use both your hands - good for putting up your tent in the dark - or anytime you can't spare a hand for holding a flashlight.

  • Camping Shovels - more useful than you can imagine - dig out rocks from under your tent - make a trench for keeping water away from your tent - dig out hot coals to cook with - stir up the fire to make it burn better - dig worms - and on and on.

tents and camping in tree

Camping Food Ideas 'Cause You Do Have To Eat

Tents and camping allows you to try different methods of camp cooking. You're sure to find some that will be your favorites.


Campfire Cooking Recipes are fun to make - usually the whole family wants to be involved. When you are sleeping in tents and camping, food always taste so wonderful! Have you ever tried campfire pizza? You'll be pleasantly surprised!

You will want to have a campfire cooking grate or a campfire tripod for cooking over a campfire. And there is always the hot dog roasted on a campfire fork - kids love these (and most adults do too!)

Camping Cook Stoves are easy to use and fast to set up - just hook up to propane and you are set. You can get either a 2 burner camp stove or a 3 burner camp stove or even just 1 burner - it all depends on your needs. You can cook anything on these stoves and a cast iron skillet works especially well for cooking bacon and eggs.

Charcoal Grill Cooking and using a Gas Camping Grill are also easy ways of camp cooking. Charcoal takes time to get to the right cooking stage, but if you plan ahead - a steak tastes heavenly cooked on charcoal! There are so many good outdoor grilling recipes - be sure to try some.

Then there is Cooking In A Dutch Oven - claimed by many to be the only way. Anything you make at home can be cooked in a Dutch oven. Can't you already smell the Dutch oven peach cobbler or the Dutch oven pot roast?


Tent Camping Tips To Help You Get Started With Tents and Camping

  • If your tent is new, practice setting it up at home before you go off sleeping in tents and camping in the great outdoors. Then you won’t be struggling with something unfamiliar when you are eager to get things set up or if you arrive at your camping site after it gets dark. And in a very rare instance, if something is missing, you will know about it ahead of time.
  • Don’t ever have food in your tent - not even bedtime cookies or a candy bar. If you are sleeping in tents and camping where there are bears, this is a good rule for your safety. Even with no bears, ants and other critters could be drawn to food in your tent - not to mention that food can make your tent dirty.
  • When setting up your tent, have the door away from the wind. If it is difficult to determine which way the wind is blowing, throw up a few leaves or something equally light to check. This will also prevent smoke from going into your tent.
  • Choose a spot where there are no big rocks or tree roots. Remove all small rocks and twigs. Lay down your ground tarp first and lie down - you want to have your head uphill. Also check that you are not in line for any water drainage if it should rain.
  • Tie your tent and rain fly down tight - if the wind comes up in the night, you will be set and you won’t have to get up and fasten it tighter.
  • Have a throw rug inside the door of your tent - one outside too - helps to keep grass and mud off the floor. It also helps to take your shoes off before going inside your tent - put them in a plastic tote right by the door.


Click here for lots more tent camping tips

A Tent Camping Checklist Is A Necessity

Having a tent camping checklist is a good habit to get into and with tent camping, it is essential. If you are like me, you have probably arrived at your camp site only to realize you have forgotten something really important at home.

Tents and camping - something so special for great affordable family vacations you will never forget!


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Happy Camping!

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