Best Tents For Camping Reviews

How to Find the Best Camping Tents for You

Your family is all excited - you have decided to take a camping vacation!

              But you don't have any tents for camping...


That's where we come in - our camping tent reviews should help you to decide which family camping tent is just right for you.


Coleman Montana Tent

Coleman Weathermaster Tent

Copper Canyon 8 Tent


There are many, many camping tents available today - far different from when you could only get canvas a-frame tents or a pup tent.

Today we have cabin tents, dome tents, 3 season tents, 4 person tents, 1 man tents, large family tents, 4 season tents - and the list goes on and on - so confusing!

Hopefully, we can help - we have lots of helpful information and camping tent reviews here to make it easier for you to decide which tents for camping are best for your situation.


One Man Tent

Coleman Elite Tent

Wenzel Alpine Tent


Camping might be a new adventure for you and you need to purchase some camping equipment - the good thing is it won't cost "an arm and a leg" - plus you will have it for a good long time.


The most important piece of camping equipment you will need is a tent - your "Home Away From Home".

Size Does Matter - A Lot



Probably your biggest consideration in choosing tents for camping is size - lot of different points matter in this...


  • How many people will be sleeping in your tent?
  • How much gear will you need to store?
  • Do you want plenty of personal space, or do you like to be cozy?
  • Would a two room cabin tent be good so you have some privacy?
  • Or maybe even a three room tent?
  • Will it be just you on a backpacking adventure?
  • Do you have tall people in your family?
  • Do you need space for a dog?

Whatever size is best for you, there is one that will be perfect.

One thing to remember about size - tent manufacturers rate tents for the number of people that can sleep in it. The only problem - that is mummy sleeping bags packed in like sardines with no space between them!

A good rule to remember - just cut in half the number of people recommended.

Then you will have room for gear and a little personal space.

My recommendation for you is to buy the largest tent that you can afford - you won't be sorry!

It is just the two of us now that our children have their own families, but we really enjoy all the room in big camping tents - lots of room if you have to be inside because of rain!

Some of the options you might want to look at...

Family Size Tents

large and roomy
cabin style
     dome style     

Dome Tents

easy set up
warm and cozy
sturdy and durable

One Man Tents

little but mighty
fast set up

10 Person Tents

good for families
1, 2 or 3 rooms
     lots of room     

Cabin Tents

large windows
lots of room
vertical walls

What Type Of Tent Do You Want?

The other biggest consideration in your quest for tents for camping is what type will be the best for you -

Are you interested in Cabin Style Tents?

These are sturdy and substantial with high walls to make walking around easier.

They are roomy with extra space for gear.

Some have an attached screen room for bug-free enjoyment

Many cabin tents can be divided into 2 rooms, or even 3 rooms.

Coleman Weathermaster Tent

Eureka Copper Canyon Tent

Coleman Instant Tent


There are different types of
dome tents
available today -

They include a hex dome tent, a camo dome tent, a geodesic dome tent, a cabin dome tent and a light dome tent.

Basically, dome tents have 2 poles that cross at the top - very easy to set up.

They are designed with lots of headroom for tall people.

Dome tents are free standing tents - you can move them to another location if you want to, but they should still be staked if you are camping in wind


Pop up Camping Tents are the easiest of all to set up. 

All you have to do is take it out of the bag, unfold it, lock the legs and you're done.  How easy is that?

This is an easy set up tent that you can erect all by yourself.

You can also get a pop up screen tent that gives you a room to eat or relax without the obnoxious bugs flying around and bothering you.

These types of tents for camping are also referred to as self erecting tents - and that is so true!

Coleman Instant 4 Tent

Coleman Instant 6 Tent

Coleman Instant 8 Tent


Maybe you and some of your friends like to ride motorcycles and you are interested in
motorcycle camping tents

You will want to find a tent that packs up compactly, but yet has the space you want - you might even want to put your cycle inside the tent.

You will find a wide selection of motorcycle tents for camping when you start looking.

Camping wall tents are often used for hunting camps.

This type of tent takes longer to set up, but they are sturdy and substantial in case of winter storms.

Our son-in-law uses a wall tent for his hunting camp - he puts carpet on the floor, has a wood-burning stove for heat and lines up cooking equipment along one wall.

They even cook a full Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy and all the other traditional foods.

Camping wall tents can be very comfortable in cold weather - a common occurence when hunting in Montana.


You will want to look at lightweight camping tents if you plan to go backpacking.

Camping in the wilderness is an unforgettable experience - there is nothing like it.

But when you have to carry everything on your back, weight is a huge consideration.

There are many backpacking tents for camping to choose from that will give you protection from the elements and are extremely light weight.

Gigatent Mt Springer

Texsport Sequoia Pass

Wenzel Family Tent




Should You Buy Cheap Camping Tents?

There are times when you can find camping tents for less money - when one is discontinued, or when the season is over are opportunities for you to get a good tent at a discount.

A camping tents sale can give you great values for your money.

Cheap camping tents are another story - they are made with lower quality material and are known for having many problems.

That's not fun in the middle of the night when you are trying to get a good night's sleep!

But if you want to take a chance and not spend as much money, there are cheap tents for camping available.

My advice to you would be to think of your tent as an investment and spend as much as you can afford.

Always get good quality - it could be cheaper in the long run!


Features Of Good Quality Tents For Camping

No-see-um Mesh - stops tiny bugs from coming inside. Regular screens will keep out flies and mosquitoes, but tiny bugs that are called no-see-ums can still get through - and they bite! The mesh will keep them out and you can still see through it.

Air Vents - screened areas that allow for air ventilation - prevents condensation from collecting on the walls and ceiling of your tent. Condensation can form on the inside just from breathing and perspiring without enough air to carry away the water vapor.

Bathtub Floor - the tent floor is one piece without seams and turns up about 6 inches on the sides - eliminates the need for trenching around your tent. No bathtub floor - the floor fabric should be heavily coated with polyurethane to prevent water from soaking through with pressure when you walk on it.

Urethane-coated Rainfly - stretches over your tent to give you extra protection from rain and wind - also allows you to keep windows open when it is raining - also helps to keep your tent warm on cold nights.

Taped Seams - keeps water from leaking through needle holes in the seams - also keeps the fabric from unravelling. Seams should be straight with double stitching using thick thread - stress areas should be reinforced with extra fabric and stitching.

Guy Lines - ropes that tie down to support and stabilize your tent - also used to pull the rainfly taut so there is a space between the rainfly and the top of the tent - prevents leaking and gives more ventilation.

Zippers - should be non-metal and operate smoothly without sticking - there should be covers on them to prevent leaking.

Windows - they should open and close with a zipper or velco on the inside and should be made from no-see-um mesh - sometimes they are made of clear plastic without screens.

Don't waste money on mediocre tents for camping!

Extras Make A Difference!

To make your tent camping even more enjoyable, you will find a good supply of camping tent equipment and camping tent accessories...

Camping Heaters for Tents  It's nice and warm inside your sleeping bag, but it's cold in your tent - how nice to warm it up before you get out of bed!

Camping Tent Stakes  Tent manufacturers typically provide cheap stakes that bend, break and split easily - get some extra ones that are strong and you will be prepared when the inevitable happens!

Tent Footprints  These are well worth the extra small investment - it protects your tent floor from punctures and tears that come from rocks, twigs, pine cones, etc.

Tent Seam Sealer  You should put seam sealer on all your tent seams and corners before you use it the first time - really makes it waterproof!

Tent Pole Bag  It is a good idea to have a separate bag for your tent poles so they don't damage your tent.


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Camping Tent Manufacturers

Here's a list of some of the major brands of tents for camping...

Big Agnes Camping Tent

Sierra Design Tent Camping Tents

MSR Camping Tent

Nemo Camping Tent

Coleman  Camping Tents

Kelty Camping Tents

Eureka CampingTents

Wenzel Camping Tent

Texsport Camping Tent

Swiss Gear Camping Tents




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