Having Their Own Youth Sleeping Bags Makes Kids Feel Special

They love to pick out their own special sleeping bag. It makes them feel important and they are also comforting. After a fun-filled day of camping fun, everyone is quite tired and your child will look forward to snuggling down in his own special sleeping bag.

Kids always want a sleeping bag that has a cool design, while parents want comfort and durability. With your guidance you can help them choose a sleeping bag that suits them and you too.

Size is important with kid sleeping bags. Kids shouldn’t have a bag that is so large they slip and slide inside it. That would affect the warmth of the sleeping bag by allowing more air in. The smaller kids sleeping bags are usually called slumber bags. Sleeping bags are so good to have for smaller kids and even infants because they stay covered.

A synthetic filler is usually preferred because it is easier to clean than down. Synthetic sleeping bags are machine washable, so that is really helpful with kids. Down filled sleeping bags are much harder to wash and are usually not recommended for kids.

If you will be camping in cold weather, you can either buy a heavier sleeping bag or put an extra blanket inside a lighter one. A fleece blanket works really well for this.

If you have an older child in boy scouts or girl scouts, they sometimes go camping in the winter. It would be a good idea to invest in cold weather sleeping bags for them. A mummy bag is a good one for cold weather.

I recommend that you don’t buy really cheap youth sleeping bags because the zippers usually break and the seams come apart. They also aren’t as warm as they claim. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money either - you can find a good kids sleeping bag for less than $50.

Some of the sleeping bags that kids enjoy are:

  • Disney Sleeping Bags
  • Animal Sleeping Bags
  • Personalized Sleeping Bag
  • Boys Sleeping Bags
  • Girls Sleeping Bags

When you start looking, you will find a large variety of designs with endless choices for youth sleeping bags.

Have a good nights sleep!

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